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logo1PROF COSMETICS is engaged in the wholesale of professional cosmetics. We offer AHA, TCA peels, injections, mesotherapy, new generation mesotherapy preparations (no analogues) - Spain and Switzerland, biorevitalizants, fillers - Italy and Switzerland (registered in Valsts Zāļu Aģentūrā as a medicine).
We invite professionals to visit our continuing education seminars with assignment of points (TIP), with the issuance of certificates, as well as seminars with invited lecturers from Europe, Russia, Ukraine and other countries, which will provide new theoretical and practical knowledge.
Our lecturer with the right to study has a medical education, regularly attends international congresses of European and World level, which provides the opportunity to conduct high-quality and comprehensive seminars. We offer training in peeling, mesotherapy (for beginners and practicing cosmetics and cosmetologists), individual classes in biorevitalization, training in contour plastic surgery, etc. We issue certificates and recertification points.
MCCM MEDICAL COSMETICS - SPAIN. AHA, TCA, TCA + Retinol Peels. A wide range and intensity of exposure, the cost of the peeling procedure in the salon is from 0.50 EUR. Mesotherapy drugs for both hardware cosmetology and injection, as well as for medical indications. Unique bio-cellulose masks. Lux procedure with vit. C. Dermapen.
REVITAJAL - ITALY. Biorevitalizants (1.5% and 2%) and fillers (2%, 2.5% and 3%) with CE Medical device, DVS bundle, 1 ml, sterile syringe.
APRILINE - SWITZERLAND. Biorevitalizant (1.8% + 2% glycerol) and fillers (2.3%) with CE Medical device, two different densities, BDDE bundle (without residual BDDE in the composition, which ensures maximum safety), 1ml, sterile syringe. New generation prolonged-action mesotherapy drugs with hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamins and amino acids - DO NOT CAUSE PAIN DURING INJECTION, REDUCED POSSIBILITY OF INFLAMMATION, UNIQUE RESULT.

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