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Snail Mucin Elixir, 30ml


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The snail mucin extract (Poly-Helixan PF) has regenerating properties and facilitates regeneration of damaged epidermis. Stimulation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin smooths out and rejuvenates the skin. It contains Antileukine 6®, i.e. extract from golden algae which reduces redness and irritation. The elixir is particularly recommended to persons with sensitive skin and for every skin type after intensive cosmetic procedures.

Capacity: 30 ml

Active substances

Snail mucin extract – is rich in such substances as natural allantoin, proteins, vitamins, mucopolysaccharides, collagen and elastin. It nourishes the skin, speeds up regeneration, smoothes out, reduces scars, soothes irritation and inflammation.

Antileukine 6® – Laminaria ochroleuca golden algae extract strengthens the lipid layer thanks to high content of phospha

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