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Expert aesthetic dermatology.

Dermaceutic Laboratoire is the partner of choice for over 30,000 aesthetic dermatology specialists throughout the world.The company’s goal is to support practitioners in maximizing in-clinic treatment value and increasing patients’ value perception, by offering high performance cosmeceuticals which accompany and optimize results of all aesthetic treatments (peels, laser, botox, mesotherapy…).Dermaceutic sigle black 1020

The efficacy of Dermaceutic’s cosmeceuticals is supported by extensive clinical trials and the company’s collaboration with industry-leading practitioners from around the globe.

One of the first laboratories to develop cosmeceuticals using ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C Complex, Retinol and Glycolic Acid (now standard ingredients in skincare), Dermaceutic has led the cosmeceutical industry in the discovery of effective combinations of optimally-concentrated ingredients for use in aesthetic dermatology.

Dermaceutic’s high-performance paraben-and fragrance-free products are expertly formulated based on professional and patient needs, using the latest ingredients which are selected for their optimal skin tolerance properties.


82643915 1725861934234352 2638217527385128960 oInspired by the beautiful surroundings of the Alps and latest technologies, Suisselle Laboratories were originally founded in 2010 by leading dermatologists and scientists looking to create advanced products in the aesthetic field.

Located in Switzerland, in the biotech hub of Yverdon-les-Bains, Suisselle is a privately-owned laboratory that specializes in the research, development, and commercialization of innovative cosmetic and medical device products, Apriline®: hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, mesotherapy products and post-procedure recovery skincare.

Created with a vision of upholding beauty, science and innovation, Suisselle is driven by cutting edge technologies and the quest for perfection. Product effectiveness, technology, safety and overall quality are all crucial elements to its success.

Suisselle’s mission is to design, develop and produce the safest and effective professional aesthetic products using cutting edge technologies while adhering to the highest standards of quality.

Suisselle’s uniqueness and competitive advantage derive from its patented CHAC Technology, which has allowed formulation of the first of its kind, stabilized meso complex on the market.

Developed and applied in our state-of-the-art production center in Switzerland, CHAC Technology helps to ensure the highest efficiency and long-lasting treatment results of our Mesotherapy products.


Mesosystem established itself quickly as a leader in the market industry of health, beauty and wellness. Providing effective18836776 1465257146827839 228042761349215378 o cosmetics and high technology equipment.
The success of Mesosystem is due to its dedication and research in developing new products combined with a passion to provide excellent treatments and achieving breaking results.
Mesosystem being owner of several international brands, that are committed in advanced medical cosmetics which combine technology with beauty and well being. Entrepreneurship and experience create a competitive range of products, based on the highest standard of requirements and accuracy, insuring high quality.



CcjQfsWVIAA ZozRevitajal is a unique Finnish brand produced in EU. In Europe, as well as Russia, Finnish products have gained considerable popularity due to the highest possible quality standards. Revitajal fillers have divinyl sulfone (DVS) as their base, which differentiates them from existing products on the market. Thanks to its unique composition (DVS cross-linking agent, as well as high concentration of products), Revitajal products are completely safe, and have a very low level of toxicity, and remains effective for a longer period of time. All of the above allows Revitajal to be popular not only among European consumers but also in the Arabic countries, as well as China. The owner of the brand, Beauty Aesthetic Finland Oy, takes part in the yearly fairs and conventions. The most well known of those are fairs in Monaco (Monte-Carlo), Paris (France), Helsinki (Finland), Moscow (Russia), and Riga (Latvia). Moreover, you can read about the usage of Revitajal fillers in post-surgical procedure period in the magazines "Anti-Age Asia 2016", "Anti-Age Paris 2016", and "Anti-Age Russia 2016".

Thus we would like to note that Revitajal brand is constantly evolving and renewing in accordance with changes on the market of aesthetic medicine. Revitajal marches in step with the times, conquering ever higher peaks. Choose Revitajal and you will always be in tune with the latest in aesthetic innovations!

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